Our classes offers real social interaction using an online video conferencing platform, therefore spots are limited.
The supplies needed to participate in the class (as: Fondant, sprinkles, icings, cake boards) are included and are available for pick up or shipping. Tools for the activities must be purchased upon registration if you don’t have them already.

Without the required tools for each week, we cannot guarantee successful completion of the projects.

If your child loves to bake, wants to help you when you’re in the kitchen, and sees all the cake decorating shows on TV, our classes are the perfect fit.

Our more than 10 years of experience in teaching children how to bake and decorate make us a leader in the art of cake decorating virtual teaching.
During the years we have developed unique tools and teaching techniques that allow the children to replicate amazing pieces of edible art.
Class instructors are recognized cake artists with thousands of teaching hours that have created unique and original projects for these classes.

You can sign up your child for one or two sessions. In each session, the campers will make different designs. Our camp’s main focus is to inspire your child to use their imagination and skills and be as creative as possible. Camp registration includes the camp box with fondant, buttercream icing, colors, dusts, sprinkles, chocolate and disposable items (more than 30 different items).


Each camper must have all the tools required for the week (the tools appear as options in each week’s registration). Tools are optional as some campers have already participated in virtual classes and have purchased some of the tools. Tools are discounted for campers on the session registration page (25% off retail price).If this is your first time participating in our virtual classes/camp you can purchase the full tool package at a discounted price (for 1 week or both weeks)

Read what our students’ parents think about our classes:


Class hours are 12pm-3pm ET (9am-12pm PT), allowing the children to have lunch before the class starts.

Children will have to prepare before and after class screen time for the next class activities, bake pastries, practice with fondant, prepare the tools and supplies, etc.

How does our virtual classes work?

Our virtual classes are designed to encourage your child to learn, create and practice the art of cake decorating in their own safe environment.
We will provide the fondant, icing, and all the edibles needed for the classes. (Not Including baking supplies, pans or KitchenAid Mixer…)
For pastry baking, we offer two options.
1. Bake at your own pace. Share the experience with the entire family following our Video tutorials and recipes with detailed step by step instructions. Recipes will be posted on the class  website a week before class starts, so there is plenty of time. Adult supervision is required for this activity. If you prefer you can use your favorite recipe. Totally up to you.
2. For LOCAL participants: Get Mia Cake House pastries (only local pickup option available). If baking takes you out of your comfort zone or you are to busy to spend time in the kitchen and clean up the mess, we are here for you. We will have the pastries ready for you to pick up.

Class site will have all the information on how to prepare for class, how to set up the table for each project, and practice videos, so the participants can practice on how to work with fondant ahead of the class.


Access to the virtual classes area will be secured and students will be invited into the class once their identity has been verified (This is to avoid “zoombombing”).


The art of cake decorating requires special tools and supplies. We offer the tools required for the activities at a reduced price.

To participate in the class, students must have ALL the tools in the tools list. You can purchase the tools from Mia Cake House (at a reduced price), at your local cake supply shop, or use the tools you already have.

Some tools are especially made for the classes, like the cookie cutters, and are not optional.


You can pick up tools and supplies for the virtual classes from our stores, free of charge. We will inform you when your box is ready for pickup.

We also offer shipping options anywhere in the continental USA.


Participants must be 8 – 16 years old. (must be 8 years old on January 1st 2021), Children 8-10 might need adult assistance during class hours

MUST HAVE: Children must have a high-speed internet connection and a computer/tablet. Videoconferencing software installation is required.

Mia Cake House is a place to enjoy and learn the art of baking and decorating. Each child should follow class rules which include, but are not limited to: respecting themselves, peers, instructors, and volunteers. Our activities are step by step classes and children must be able to follow instructions and do as requested.
At Mia Cake House we will not tolerate bullying or defiance toward instructors.
When children choose not to follow any of these rules we will contact the parent/guardian by phone to inform of the incidence

Class activities require the ability to follow instructions, concentrate, and be seated for periods of 2-3 hours. You as a parent know your child better than anyone to decide if your child will enjoy the activities and

When you register for a virtual class, you will be presented with the a list of tools that you should have for the class. We offer different options:

  1. Use your own tools. Please note that you have ALL the required tools.
  2. Purchase the tools. We offer a 25% -30% discount when purchasing the tools for the class.

Each class requires different tools, and most of the tools are used in different classes. After adding the tools to your cart, in case you added a tool more than once, you can remove them at the checkout page.

We provide you with the fondant, icings, and the desposaba supplies needed for the class. The purchased tools will be shipped along the supplies.

Remember that if we have to ship the supplies to you, registration must be made at least 4 business days before the class starts.